Lost Creek Ranch

established in 2015

Johnny Long is a man of few words. If he had it his way, he would be sitting on top of a hill with a thermos full of coffee watching the deer move on a frosty October morning. You could say his passion for the great outdoors is a family affair. His grandfathers Ivan and Jack introduced him to hunting at a young age and by the age of nine, he started hunting white-tailed deer. At that time, there were not many white-tailed deer in Osage County. You considered yourself lucky if you spotted two or three while on the trail (today, you can see anywhere from 30-40). When he turned 12, he started to see an increase in the white-tailed deer population. He shot his first buck at age 14. It was a big six-point that field dressed at 144 pounds (and yes, he still remembers every single detail). Those experiences sparked a passion that continues today leading to the operation of Lost Creek Ranch. 

However, Johnny can’t do it all alone. He and his high school sweet heart, Debbie, keep the operation running smoothly and efficiently. This June, they will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary! Together they have four beautiful children: Lindsey (29), John Paul (28), Lauren (24) and Jack (15). There were a few things that they wanted to instill in their children, specifically including the love for Mother Nature and having a kind heart. Johnny remembers taking his two oldest children out hunting when they were four and three respectively. If you get the chance, ask about the time the two mischievous toddles locked him out of the truck while turkey hunting. After Lauren was born, Johnny started going on yearly Elk hunting trips. He traveled to Colorado, New Mexico and Utah in search of big bull elk with his oldest son, John Paul. The youngest child, Jack had a lifetime hunting and fishing license the day he was born. Debbie has a sign in the kitchen that reads “we interrupt this marriage for hunting season.” But don’t let her fool you, she has taken down a big deer or two as well. Johnny might be known around town for killing big deer, but Debbie is known for being one heck of a cook. You haven’t lived until you have had her fried chicken. If you get to experience that, you are in for a big treat!

What keeps him passionate about hunting after all these years? Johnny likes the challenge. Big white-tailed deer are hard to kill. These days, he doesn’t waste his time on the little ones. He has his eye on the trophy bucks. If you are itching to get a big deer or elk of your own, Johnny can help make that happen. At Lost Creek Ranch, you can customize your hunt based on your skill and ability. 

A quick note Johnny:
“If you are looking for a place to relax and unwind from the big city life, Lost Creek Ranch is the place for you. I can guarantee that you will eat great food and have a wonderful time. Kick back and don’t worry about a thing.”

We would love to share our little piece of Osage County with you,

Johnny and Debbie